This energy-generating treadmill cuts your waistline and your power bill

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SportsArt was on hand at CES 2019 with its latest piece of sustainable sports equipment – the Verde G690 treadmill. More than just your run-of-the-mill treadmill, the Verde G690 is the world’s first treadmill that can pump electricity back into the grid during a workout. It joins SportsArt’s other energy-producing fitness gear which includes an elliptical, a cross trainer and various indoor cycles.

Known for its sustainable fitness equipment, SportsArt saw a way to harness the human-powered energy expended on a treadmill and turn it into usable electricity. As part of the company’s Eco-Powr line, the Vere G690 uses people power to operate instead of a motor. With every step or stride, the treadmill generates energy. It can capture up to 74 percent, about 200 Watts/hour, of the energy being produced when someone walks or runs on the treadmill.

This upcycled power is then returned it to the grid, reducing the user’s carbon footprint. Not only does the treadmill capture energy, but it also tracks the number of Watts given back to the grid. Thanks to SportsArt’s SA Well+ system each treadmill user can monitor the amount of electricity they are producing when they run, walk or sled. A leader board encourages people to continue to exercise so they can produce more energy. Driven by a mobile app, the SA Well+ System tracks the user’s workout stats as well.

Being able to turn calories into power is the main feature of the G690, but that’s not all the treadmill has to offer. The G690 has all the necessary features a person would want in a treadmill — including a speed range of 2 to 10 mph, an ample running area, and a comfortable slatted belt with a brake to stop the belt as soon as you step off the machine. The G690 supports running, walking, sprinting, and even helps people train for sled pushing.

Users can choose from a variety of different programs including manual, interval, plateau, random and more. A contact heart rate monitor allows users to track their heart so they can exercise at their optimum level. There is no adjustable incline, but the treadmill is set at a low, fixed degree angle. If a user wants a more aggressive workout, they can choose the push mode which offers up to six levels of resistance.

Visit SportsArts website for additional information on the G690 including technical specifications as well as pricing and availability which are available upon request.

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