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Robocath’s R-One™ Robot Acquired by the Medical Training and Testing Center in Rouen for Future Healthcare Practitioner Training

Robocath’s R-One™ Robot Acquired by the Medical Training and Testing Center in Rouen for Future Healthcare Practitioner Training

Robocath, a company that designs, develops and commercializes cardiovascular robotic systems for the treatment of vascular diseases, announces today that the Medical Training & Testing Center (MTC) in Rouen will use its R-One robot for future training. Founded in 2017, the MTC is a new center dedicated to training healthcare professionals in a number specialties, with special focus on new technologies.

The R-One robot at the MTC will enable the training of future potential users and ensure optimal use by healthcare practitioners, ahead of the upcoming commercial launch of the device in Europe and the Middle East.

Philippe Bencteux, MD, president and founder of Robocath, said: “This acquisition by the MTC of our first robotic solution is a key step in our company’s development. I am particularly proud of this collaboration. We share the same goal: to contribute to a new era of medical advances where robotics will definitely play a critical role.”

Véronique Desjardins, general manager of Rouen University Hospital Center, said: “The medical teams from the Rouen University Hospital Center were closely involved in the design of the R-One robot, due to the proximity of Robocath’s headquarters. This collaborative work within the ‘Rouen Innovation Santé’ working group shows that local collaborations can result in promising innovations for the benefit of healthcare practitioners and patients. Thanks to the financial support from the Rouen Normandy Metropole, the Rouen University Hospital Center was able to acquire the R-One device to complete MTC’s cutting-edge technical equipment offering. The robot will enable us to train future users of the platform. This fully aligns with our objective to support medical innovation and to bring these innovations to medical teams. Support for innovation and applied research is one of MTC’s goals, a center that meets the needs of healthcare companies for testing of and training on the medical devices they develop.”

About the Medical Training & Testing Center, Rouen
“Never the first time on patient,” is the leitmotiv of the Medical Training & Testing Center (MTC) of Rouen University Hospital, an innovative training center simulation, the first in France. Located in the Rouen University Hospital and in a cluster dedicated to Heath Innovation (‘Rouen Innovation Santé’) the MTC has an international influence and has two main activities:

A simulation platform for initial and ongoing training
The main goal is to offer multidisciplinary, interactive and collaborative training to students and healthcare professionals including physicians, surgeons, paramedics and biologists. Professionals from different fields work together during both procedural and behavioral training. MTC teaches, through behavioral simulation (role-play), social science training (strategies to manage different professional relationships) and crisis management.

A technical platform to develop innovation and research
As an innovative and multidisciplinary center, the MTC offers a technological platform that includes many simulators of both high and low fidelity. It contributes to the expansion of technological innovations. The MTC also provides operating rooms.

The MTC, in partnership with the Rouen University and with the support of the Normandy region, benefits from the momentum created by healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical and biomedical laboratories to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and provide more efficient health services for the population.

The building also offers a 50-seat amphitheater, as well as fully equipped training rooms with the latest high-definition audiovisual technologies. The modern and bright lobby can also accommodate events.


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