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New Method for Monitoring Biomarkers at Ultra Low Concentrations

New Method for Monitoring Biomarkers at Ultra Low Concentrations

Many chemical biomarkers within our bodies, such as proteins and DNA fragments, are found in extremely low concentrations, making it difficult to monitor their behavior. At the Eindhoven University of Technology, researchers have now developed an exciting new method for continuous, live monitoring of individual molecules within blood. The researchers were able to use it to detect the presence of DNA and protein molecules down to the pico and nanomolar scale.

The technique relies on attaching target molecules to a substrate and watching their vibrations, known as Brownian motion, change. When the molecule is attached via one connection, it wabbles fairly loosely, but when another connection is made using a binding molecule, the wabble changes drastically.

Here’s a quick video explaining the basics of the technology:

[embedded content]

Study in Nature Communications: Continuous biomarker monitoring by particle mobility sensing with single molecule resolution…

Via: Eindhoven University of Technology…

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