Medmo Offers New “Name-Your-Price” Platform for Medical Imaging

New medical technology solution lets patients set their own price for radiology imaging tests, like MRIs and CAT scans

Medmo ( is a new, rapidly-growing healthcare start-up that enables patients to obtain medical imaging tests – such as MRIs, CT scans (CAT scans), PET scans, and more  – at the exact price they can afford, with no surprise fees or bills. Patients simply indicate the type of scan they need, and Medmo connects them with a nearby, accredited imaging center that can work with their budget.

“The ‘name your price’ concept has worked well in the travel industry, and the medical imaging business is similar. The standard prices are high, but imaging centers often have last-minute openings on their schedule that they’re willing to offer at a significant discount,” says Dr. Christopher Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Medmo. Dr. Kelly continued, “By using our platform, patients can save hundreds of dollars and still obtain a high-quality test at a local radiology center.”

Medmo’s revolutionary pricing model is primarily targeted at people with high deductibles or without insurance, who typically have to pay the full cost of their care. By using Medmo, people can pay as little as $225 for an MRI or $200 for a CT scan – both of which usually cost three to five times more.

“I strongly recommend that anyone who needs a medical scan visit our site,” says Dr. Kelly. “We can arrange a high-quality test in your area for a much lower price than you’d otherwise pay. You can easily save hundreds of dollars.”

Medmo is currently centered in the greater New York area, where they have partnerships with over fifty accredited imaging centers, and plan to extend their network throughout the United States over the coming year.

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