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EchoNous Vein Portable Ultrasound for Peripheral IV Placements

EchoNous Vein Portable Ultrasound for Peripheral IV Placements

EchoNous, a Seattle-based firm, landed FDA clearance for its EchoNous Vein ultrasound for peripheral IV catheter delivery. It can visualize veins up to five centimeters deep and can be used on both children and adults.

The transducer probe connects to a Samsung tablet, which serves as the display and control device, since the probe only has two buttons on its body.

The EchoNous Vein is portable and compact, and tuned to image vasculature, allowing clinicians to quickly place an IV with fewer failures and re-insertions.

“Time is critical, especially when patients need an infusion or antibiotic treatment, and finding the right vein can be challenging. We designed the EchoNous Vein to provide nurses with rapid, clear images of veins to directly improve patient care, satisfaction and HCAHPS scores,” in a published statement said Kevin Goodwin, CEO of EchoNous. “We wanted to create an easy-to-use tool that would help to reduce failed sticks, as with each failure comes a much higher risk of vessel trauma or infections which can lead to longer stays in hospital and higher medical costs.”

Here’s a promo video for the EchoNous Vein:

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