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Auth0 and Finn AI Announce Partnership on Authentication for Conversational AI

Auth0 and Finn AI Announce Partnership on Authentication for Conversational AI

Banks can launch their conversational AI virtual assistants quickly, and with greater security, using Auth0’s authentication platform

Auth0, a global leader in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), and Finn AI, the award-winning, conversational banking technology innovator, today announced a partnership whereby banks can more quickly deploy Finn AI’s technology by upgrading their authentication infrastructure with Auth0.

Many banks are looking to realize the benefits of conversational AI but have older authentication infrastructures or lack the capability completely. By working with Finn AI and Auth0, banks can easily get up and running with their virtual assistants for a faster time-to-market and the assurance of a secure authentication process.

Finn AI provides banks with a virtual assistant built for personal banking and finance, enabling bank customers to manage their money wherever they are, or for whatever they need – via a simple, natural conversation. By leveraging conversational AI, banks and credit unions can transform customer engagement and increase financial literacy, while delivering the convenience and savings of a digital-first experience.

“Finn AI customers who are looking to implement or upgrade their authentication technology will benefit from a seamless integration between both platforms,” said Robin Monks, Director of Engineering, Finn AI. “When we deployed Auth0 internally, we recognized that they were a best-in-class service provider, which is why we chose to partner with them. As thought leaders, they align perfectly with the high quality and standard of work we produce at Finn AI.”

Auth0 enables single sign-on across multiple apps and is a single source of truth for all digital identities. With a unified view of the customer, IT teams can consolidate various data sources without a password reset to deliver a consistent brand experience at each touchpoint.

“Finn AI is recommending Auth0 to banks and financial institutions that need a better, faster, and more secure way to service their customers,” said Ghazi Masood, VP of Sales, Americas for Auth0. “The adoption of conversational AI within the consumer banking sector is growing at an astronomical rate and we are excited to partner with Finn AI in the application of such innovative technology.”


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