A Personal Robot Turns Home and Office Plastics into Million Different Products

Alphapura takes to GoFundMe after showing proof of concept with a prototype video that turns ocean trash into sculptures, furniture, and communications accessories, in a 6 minute video. A must see, a must fund, and a must have.

Since the first patent in 2014, interest in Alphapura’s “recycling manufacturing” technological platform has gone global and viral, and with good reason, as this literally is one of those products capable of changing the world in a significant manner.

Watch the video at http://www.alphapura.com, as the ARMS prototype transforms salvaged ocean garbage or plastic recyclables into furniture, sculptures, and communications equipment in a six minute video, a must see, and a new alternative to acquiring much cheaper, great quality products, and faster than ordering online or driving to the store, so better overall. A common sense, up-and-coming, yet under-funded, global solution that needs your help to get to the next step.

Imagine once this scales up to metals, glass, and rock, they’ll be able to print and mill cities, bases, houses, vessels, furniture, art, electronics, nearly everything, but for now, capable of turning home and office plastics into a million different products.

Here is the list of Alphapura’s accomplishments in just the last year, their Top 10 Achievements,
(1) Patented recycling manufacturing systems for homes and offices in the US, with five related patent filings to date;
(2) Delivered a prototype and proof of concept video with an international collaboration at http://www.alphapura.com;
(3) Vetted by Impact VC’s accelerator program, Sustainability Group;
(4) Selected as top start-up of the month in Sacramento by Comstock Magazine;
(5) Invited and selected to give presentations in front of investors, academics, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and media;
(6) Experienced international media and industry exposure;
(7) Measured a half trillion market in the US for smart recycling manufacturing system two years in a row, 2018 and 2017, using Survey Monkey national surveys, and identified the beachhead and target market, 70% of US adults want one;
(8) Identified a measured a 5,000 visitors/day interest across a brief Facebook market test campaign;
(9) Measured an 8,000 visitors/year organic traffic across the website pre-prototype, an exponential increase since 2017; and
(10) Launched a GoFundMe campaign to seed fund this vision of using the global problem of overflowing meltable garbage to inexpensively solve a million global problems.

If you support a vision for the world where you can make many of your own products, gifts, and ideas, out of recyclables in your home and office, and faster and cheaper than usual, please pledge $10 or more to the GoFundMe link below.


Source: https://alphapura.com/

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